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Prabbis Consulting had the pleasure of assisting Daddy's Cupcakes in the creation of their exciting new website. Keeping in line with their vibrant aesthetics and logo, our team was keen on developing a site that embodied the brand's lively personality while offering smooth navigation and a pleasing user experience.

Our primary objective was to design a site with an intuitive interface that effectively showcased the beautiful and delicious range of cupcakes. This was achieved by incorporating clear calls-to-action on each page, and by strategically emphasizing visuals over text to help users quickly find what they crave.

In creating the website, special care was taken to harmonize the colors, fonts, and visuals, ensuring every design aspect resonated with the brand's vibrant image. Furthermore, the site was built using Square Online, allowing seamless integration with the client's POS system and providing an efficient solution for their DoorDash delivery services.

Prabbis Consulting was delighted to partner with Daddy's Cupcakes on this project. We succeeded in designing a website that not only highlighted their extensive variety of cupcakes but also ensured a delightful browsing experience for customers from the moment they land on the site to the point of purchase.

Daddy's Cupcakes

2 weeks

E-Commerce Development

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