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Prabbis Consulting was proud to be able to help Delectables Desserts create a website that is more user friendly and easier to navigate. Our team worked closely with the shop owners to make sure their website accurately reflected the offerings and ambiance of their delectable treats.

Our goal was to create a website with an easy-to-use navigation system while also showcasing the product's features in detail. We achieved this by making sure that each page had a clear call-to-action, as well as emphasizing visuals and minimizing text so that users could quickly find what they were looking for.

In our design process, we made sure to pay extra attention to colors, fonts, and other visual elements that would reflect the tone of Delectable Desserts' products.

Overall, Prabbis Consulting was thrilled to work with Delectable Desserts on creating their newly revamped website. Through our design process, we created a website that not only showcased all of the delicious desserts they have available but also gave customers an enjoyable browsing experience until they found just the right treat!

Delectable Desserts

2 months, Ongoing Maintenance

E-Commerce Development, Website Redesign

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