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Prabbis Consulting embarked on a comprehensive website overhaul for DeNovaMed, transitioning from an initial single-page design that offered limited engagement to a fully developed, multi-page website. The objective was to craft a digital environment that not only reflected DeNovaMed's cutting-edge research in antibiotic development but also facilitated deeper interaction with their diverse audience base, including patients, healthcare professionals, and potential investors.

The old website, while functional, did not effectively capture the breadth of DeNovaMed’s innovation or its strategic vision for the future. Prabbis Consulting addressed this by introducing a structured layout with dedicated sections for the company's science, pipeline, team, and contact information. The new design leverages a modern aesthetic that aligns with DeNovaMed's identity as a pioneer in medical research, featuring dynamic elements such as interactive product displays, detailed therapeutic area descriptions, and a resource-rich investor relations page.

Beyond aesthetic enhancements, the website's user experience was significantly improved through intuitive navigation, responsive design elements, and optimized loading times. This ensures that visitors—whether they're on a desktop computer in a corporate office or using a mobile device in a clinical setting—can access information with ease and speed.

The new website serves not just as a portal to DeNovaMed’s revolutionary work, but as a beacon for the brand’s commitment to addressing some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today.


6 weeks

UI/UX Design, Website Design, Wordpress

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