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The redesign of the "Meet Your Money" website was a collaborative effort with Melissa Ruchogeza, an influential author. The revamped platform, built using the versatile Wix platform, serves as a robust tool for promoting her insightful book and connecting her directly with readers. It also allows fans to effortlessly book and access Melissa's event schedule.

The main focus of the redesign was to improve the website's intuitiveness and user-friendliness. This was achieved by incorporating clear calls-to-action and vibrant visuals, inviting visitors to explore the website's offerings, whether it's purchasing the book or arranging to attend an event.

Considerable thought was put into the selection of color schemes, fonts, and imagery to ensure they reflect Melissa's engaging personality and the ethos of "Meet Your Money". The booking process was also streamlined and integrated seamlessly with the existing system, ensuring a smooth user experience.

The successful transformation of the "Meet Your Money" platform was not just about promoting Melissa's book. It also provided an enhanced interface for facilitating more direct interaction between Melissa and her readers and simplifying event organization.

Meet Your Money

1 month

E-Commerce Development, Website Redesign

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