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At Prabbis Consulting, we had the privilege of partnering with Nia Doula Services, a compassionate and dedicated doula service provider, to enhance their digital presence and streamline their service offerings. Our collaborative efforts were focused on creating a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for expectant and new mothers seeking doula support.

Website Development:
We developed a modern, intuitive website for Nia Doula Services, prioritizing ease of navigation and accessibility. The website features detailed information about their services, including birth doula support, postpartum care, and lactation consultation. Our design ensures that prospective clients can effortlessly find the information they need and feel a sense of connection to the care Nia Doula Services provides.

Digital Marketing and SEO:
Our team implemented targeted digital marketing strategies to increase Nia Doula Services' online visibility. We conducted thorough SEO optimization to ensure their services rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for families to find the support they need. Our content strategy included the creation of engaging, informative content that highlights the expertise and warmth of the Nia Doula team.

Social Media Management:
Recognizing the importance of social media in connecting with the community, we managed Nia Doula Services' social media platforms. Our approach involved curating content that resonates with their audience, from educational posts to heartfelt stories, driving engagement and building a supportive online community.

Brand Development:
We worked closely with Nia Doula Services to refine their brand identity. This included creating a consistent visual aesthetic and a brand voice that accurately reflects their values of empathy, support, and professional excellence in doula care.

Training and Support:
To ensure sustainable success, we provided comprehensive training to the Nia Doula team on managing their website and social media platforms, empowering them to maintain an active and engaging digital presence.

Our collaboration with Nia Doula Services exemplifies Prabbis Consulting's commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that empower our clients to connect with their audiences more meaningfully and effectively.

Nia Doula Services

12 weeks

UI/UX Design, Website Design, E-Commerce

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