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Prabbis Consulting had the privilege to work with Ova Afrique on the extensive redesign of their e-commerce website. Upholding Ova Afrique's unique Afrocentric ethos and vibrant aesthetics, we aimed to create a more intuitive and engaging shopping experience, tailored to the modern customer.

Using the versatile Wix platform, our primary goal was to improve the website's user-friendliness and navigation. We strategically placed clear calls-to-action on every page and employed vibrant visuals that draw the customer's attention, enabling them to easily locate their desired Afrocentric pieces.

The redesign process saw a meticulous consideration of color schemes, fonts, and imagery, ensuring they align perfectly with Ova Afrique's vibrant brand identity. The checkout process was also enhanced for ease of use and integrated seamlessly with the client's chosen delivery services, making shopping a breeze.

The opportunity to collaborate with Ova Afrique on their website redesign was an enriching experience for Prabbis Consulting. We successfully revamped the platform, spotlighting Ova Afrique's extensive Afrocentric collection and ensuring a smooth shopping journey for customers, from browsing to purchase.

Ova Afrique

1 month

E-Commerce Development, Website Redesign

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