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7 Must-Follow Digital Marketing Trends

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The digital space is constantly evolving every year with thousands of new social media apps and tools constantly flooding the market. Keeping track of all of these can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we here at Prabbis Consulting have got you covered, and we’re bringing you the latest digital trends that are all the rage right now. Here are 7 of our top picks for the must-follow digital marketing trends that will shape your marketing strategies in 2024!

1. The Rise of AI

Proen AI

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming an indispensable tool which receives improvements every year. Not too long ago, ChatGPT was only able to answer a few questions, and image generation was stuck in the uncanny valley. Now, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell what is generated by AI or not. Sure, many people might feel this could be used for terrible things, but there are also numerous benefits.

The introduction of A.I has brought many benefits like chatbots which various companies use as a form of customer care. This allows customers to solve any basic problems they might have with a company’s product or service, freeing up customer care representatives for more serious matters.

2. Voice Search Integration

More and more people are making use of voice search over typing due to its quick and convenient nature. Tools like Siri and Alexa have become incredibly popular, prompting many companies to tailor their SEO with these tools in mind. The difference in language used for typing and speaking means businesses need to optimize their content for voice search to ensure they're capturing this growing audience.

Voice Search

For example, you would likely type “best new bluetooth speakers” on your phone or laptop but if you were speaking directly, you’d likely say “What are the best new bluetooth speakers”. When we type words, we often shorten them to save time, but speaking is so much faster. This is why voice search has become so much more refined.

Metaverse Billboard By Metaverse Billboard

3. Into the Metaverse

In 2021, facebook decided to take a plunge into the virtual world with the introduction of Meta, a completely virtual space that gives you the freedom to be whatever or whoever you want to be and create amazing digital spaces from the comfort of your home!

Facebook has invested an incredible number of resources into the metaverse and it is starting to pay off. This article from Bloomberg states that “Metaverse-related exchange-traded funds could balloon to $80 billion in assets under management by 2024”. This shows just how many investors and marketers are taking advantage of the massive potential of the metaverse. Businesses should start exploring how they can use the metaverse for marketing and customer engagement.

Companies like Metaverse Advertising are already providing services that allow businesses to advertise in this virtual space, offering innovative ways to reach and engage with audiences.

4. In-Feed Shopping: A Marketing evolution

In feeding shopping showcasing search for ankara dress

Have you noticed that sometimes when you search for a product, you see direct image links to online stores?

This is known as in-feed shopping, a new marketing tool introduced by Google. It allows marketers to provide direct links to their products when users search for the relevant keywords.

This is an incredible tool for promoting your products and it makes advertisement so much easier!

5. Augmented Reality

AR Shopping Amazon Juicer

Augmented reality has become an absolute game changer in the marketing space. Imagine trying on new clothes without actually going to the store! This tool is already being employed by industry giants like Amazon and is making online shopping more convenient than ever.

Do you want to know what a shirt looks like on you? Simply stand in front of a mirror with your phone and let AR do the rest. Do you want a new dining table? Simply create the space for it and AR will show you exactly how it would appear in your living room.

This tool makes online shopping a thousand times more convenient and incorporating it into your store page is absolutely necessary to increase the number of visitors to your website.

6. Tiktok: A New Important Marketing Tool

As of 2024, TikTok has garnered over 1 billion active subscribers. With its astonishing worldwide acclaim, TikTok has become a crucial platform for businesses. Creating easy-to-digest and engaging content on TikTok can introduce your brand to millions of people within minutes.

Having a social media handle when you run a business is often common knowledge; however, many businesses limit their online presence to the basics like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, there is a new challenger in that ring: TikTok. Uploading a few short videos is very easy and can introduce your brand to millions of people within minutes. This makes creating easy-to-digest and engaging content paramount in the digital space.

7. Influencer Marketing: A new form of Advertisement

Influencers have been around since the mid-2000s and have only become more popular, especially with the rise of TikTok. The top influencers on this platform average millions of views each day, making them valuable for companies looking to popularize their products. Collaborating with influencers for sponsored content has proven to be an effective advertising strategy, as many individuals push out engaging content with the hope of gathering thousands or even millions of followers.

These influencers, in turn, are an incredible marketing resource. Their ability to generate millions of views makes them highly valuable to companies seeking to popularize their products. As such, many influencers create sponsored content for corporations, which has proven to be a strikingly effective means of advertisement.

Platforms like Trend and Insense provide businesses with the opportunity to connect with influencers, making it easier to harness their reach for brand promotion. By partnering with the right influencers, companies can tap into their engaged audiences and drive significant brand awareness and sales.


2024 is only just beginning, and there are still many game-changers that could be introduced into the digital marketing space before the year runs out. We’ve collated a few of the big ones in this article, and rest assured that we will continue to cover these new trends as they come out. For more information about previous marketing trends that we’ve covered, you can take a look at our blog page here. Stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to our newsletter for the latest updates in digital marketing!

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