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  • Joel

5 Importance of a well designed business logo

A logo as we know it, can be said to be a design that represents a business or company. Furthermore, a logo consists of different elements which can include images, shapes and texts. Logos are designed for specific businesses and brands hence why it is highly important to be deliberate and detail in designing a business logo. For example, a business that centres around toiletries and bath products should have a distinct logo design to that of a catering business logo, for easy brand identity and identification. That been said, these are 5 importance of a well designed business logo:

1. It serves as a premise for your brand identity:

A logo serves as an emotional connection between businesses and their customers. A logo also serves as the first story teller on what that business is all about, with colours, texts, shapes and more. A logo can also be found on merchandises like T-Shirts, Caps and the likes of it; which creates a concrete business identity.

An example of this can be found here where the "Nike" brand has their logo on numerous merchandises creating that foundational brand identity across items.

2. It grabs your target audience attention:

All businesses should have their target audience and with that in mind, a cautiously designed logo snatches the attention of audiences to the services of the business. Audiences have very little attention span and there is very little time to make that first lasting impression. A logo can sell a company's values easily and efficiently but if not designed the best way, it is easy for customers to judge a company having seen just the logo. Therefore, a well designed business logo is very important in making that first impression.

3. It stands you out from your competition:

As a business owner, there would always be other businesses in your field and as such, constant competition. With a significant and well designed logo, customers get to see why your business is unique. For instance, if there are 20 stores catering for food, you want to drive the idea that you don't just provide food to customers that visit your restaurant, but also for large scale events and functions. At the end of the day, you want to sell the idea that you are better than your competitors. For example, there are numerous brands that sell burgers, but even with them all operating, customers can immediately tell one from the other by their distinct logos.

4. It helps with quick identification:

Identification is very essential for any business, and if you sell handful physical products, having your logo printed on your items makes it easier for your customers to spot your products. An instance where a customer can spot your logo from a distance before getting to that exact location is an example of successful quick identification of a business logo. When it comes to logo designing, some business owners love to design something fast and easy just so their business can kick off, but that is never the best strategy because in the long run, the logo becomes very easy to remake for the wrong motives by the wrong set of people. It is very essential to have a professional design your business logo putting into consideration short term and long term.

5. It helps with customer persistence:

A well designed business logo helps retain customers that seek for a long term relationship. Once customers initiate that relationship, even if the business branches out, a logo will maintain brand consistency. A name could be forgotten but a picture remains. Meaning, a customer is more likely to remember a company logo faster than the name of the business. A very clear example of this would be the "Apple" logo. A customer instantly knows their products which over the years have built trust and aided consistent patronage from customers.

Although we do not engage in brand logo designing, these are pointers for any business owner to acknowledge and consider when developing a logo for their business.

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